【Playlist】Nodame Cantabile Soundtrack OST Classical Music

HomeEntertainment【Playlist】Nodame Cantabile Soundtrack OST Classical Music
【Playlist】Nodame Cantabile Soundtrack OST Classical Music
【Playlist】Nodame Cantabile Soundtrack OST Classical Music
Drama Nodame Cantabile Soundtrack

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00:00 Beethoven-Symphony-No7 1st
14:49 Beethoven-PianoSonata No8 2nd.
19:44 Beethoven-MoonlightSonata 3rd
26:47 Mozart-Symphony No40 1st
33:44 Mozart-Symphony No25 1st
41:47 Chopin-PianoConcerto No1 1st
01:02:25 Chopin Etude Op.10 No.3
01:06:40 Tchaikovsky-Nutcracker waltz March
01:09:05 Beethoven-Symphony No9 4th
01:33:46 Rachmaninov-PianoConcerto No2 1st
01:44:49 Rachmaninov-Symphony No2 3rd
01:49:08 Debussy-Lislejoyeuse
01:55:31 Holst-Planets-Jupiter
02:03:59 Tchaikovsky-Nutcracker waltz flowers
02:11:17 Brahms-Violin Concerto 3rd
02:20:01 Rossini-WilliamTell Overture
02:24:12 Tchaikovsky-ViolinConcerto 1st
02:42:11 Mozart-EineKleine 1st
02:48:23 Mozart-OboeConcerto 1
02:48:23 Sarasate-Zigeunerweisen
03:01:46 Beethoven-Symphony No7 4th
03:09:12 Mozart-2Pianos Sonata 1st
03:15:26 Mozart-Clarinet Concerto 2nd
03:23:22 Ravel-Borelo
03:38:08 Chopin-PianoConcerto No1 2nd
03:46:07 Dukas-Sorcerers Apprentice
03:57:26 Tchaikovsky-[1812]Overture
04:13:59 Ravel-Piano Concerto in Gmajor 1st
04:22:07 Rhapsodyinblue

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