[4K] "Shinya Shokudo" Movie Location Walk (Jan 16, 2022)

HomeEntertainment[4K] "Shinya Shokudo" Movie Location Walk (Jan 16, 2022)
[4K] "Shinya Shokudo" Movie Location Walk (Jan 16, 2022)
[4K] "Shinya Shokudo" Movie Location Walk (Jan 16, 2022)
I walked around the filming location of my favorite movie/drama, Midnight Diner (深夜食堂).

At the beginning, I walked the route of the opening scene, the road from Shinjuku west to east, and then I walked around Golden gai. The actual location where Midnight diner was filmed was not in Shinjuku, but on a set built in a warehouse in Saitama. However, it was mainly built in reference to Golden Gai. When you see Golden Gai, you will get a sense of that world.

Route on Google Maps

Recorded January 16, 2022
Time: 3:02PM
Weather: Sunny
Temperature: 49.4F (9.7C)

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