Abusive Teacher {little hurt scenes 14} Domoto Tsuyoshi

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Abusive Teacher {little hurt scenes 14} Domoto Tsuyoshi
Abusive Teacher {little hurt scenes 14} Domoto Tsuyoshi
Bullied and lonely, transfer student Makoto meets class president Ruka, an aloof rich kid who becomes drawn to the kind hearted Makoto and they develop a special friendship.

Oba Makoto (Domoto Tsuyoshi) is a bright and happy kid, loved by his father and his step-mother. Together they run a restaurant. He has just been admitted in one of the most prestigious private school in town, making his dad very proud. In the school, he meet Ruka (Domoto Koichi) and other boys. He becomes a target of bullying when he stands for the injustices he starts to see happening in his class. He is brutally attacked not only by students but also by a PE teacher (aren’t the teachers supposed to protect their students?) We become witnesses of how this innocent soul who didn’t do anything wrong deteriorates each episode little by little.
But this story is also about Ruka, Makoto’s very first /”friend/” who happened to be a sadistic boy with complicated feelings towards Makoto, he’s apparently in love with him but also does nothing when their classmates bully him (and sometimes he’s also part of the bullies).

This story is actually about how cruel, inhuman, and selfish society can be. It shows the worst side of human beings.
:Review by Maggiezw98 @ livejournal

Drama: Ningen Shikkaku (1994)
Song: Falling Apart-Michael Schulte

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