Forgive Me {4} Tan Jian Ci Bromance

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Forgive Me {4} Tan Jian Ci Bromance
Forgive Me {4} Tan Jian Ci Bromance
A young painter resigned from the Academy of Fine Arts and entered the Public Security Bureau mysteriously. The Interpol Captain was furious and said that he would never accept those who caused his comrade to be killed in the police force. Five years ago, this artist, who was still a student, was sketching on the street. A woman took a picture of a child and asked him to draw what the child would look like as an adult. Unfortunately this painting caused the detective to be exposed as an undercover agent and he was killed. This detective also happened to be the Captain’s long-time friend and confidant. No matter how many times the artist tried to recall the face of the woman who asked him to paint the child’s photo, he failed. Five years later he was still unable to find happiness even though he enjoyed success as an artist. Guilt caused him to became a portraitist of the Interpol Team and track down the murderer. Under his Director’s persuasion and arrangement, the Interpol Captain was forced to accept his new colleague, even while despising the young man’s “drawing to solve cases/”-and the two become a reluctant team.
Policeman, Criminal Profiler, Web Series, Investigation, Detective, Suspense, Bromance, Younger Male Lead, Older Male Lead, Mentor Student

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