"Kōnodori" Main theme – Baby, God Bless You [PIANO][Sheetmusic]

HomeEntertainment"Kōnodori" Main theme – Baby, God Bless You [PIANO][Sheetmusic]
"Kōnodori" Main theme - Baby, God Bless You [PIANO][Sheetmusic]
"Kōnodori" Main theme – Baby, God Bless You [PIANO][Sheetmusic]
‘Shinya Kiyodzuka’ – Baby, God Bless You [Piano Tutorial](Synthesia)

I played ‘Baby, God Bless You’ on piano
This song from the Japanese TV drama /”Kōnodori/”.
Thanks to everyone who requested this song
Hope you enjoy

Sheet music is available on our website
Difficulty level : Master
(Beginner – Novice – Middle – Expert – Master)

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Chapter List (Table of Contents)
0:00 [A]
0:53 [B]
1:16 [C]
1:36 [D]
2:32 [E]
2:57 [F]
3:10 [G]
3:36 [H]
5:13 [I]

About this song
/”Kōnodori/” is one of Japanese TV drama series that based on manga.
This song is composed and performed by /”shinya kiyotsuka/” a japanese piano player.

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