Meet Maiko in Kyoto Mom is a former maiko

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Meet Maiko in Kyoto Mom is a former maiko
Meet Maiko in Kyoto Mom is a former maiko
This video is a vlog of a trip to Kyoto by a Japanese family living in Tokyo. Today’s video is kind of special. Because I’m taking you back to my home, where I spent time as a maiko geiko. I think that not many people, no matter how many trips they have taken to Japan, have experienced this culture. I have learned many important things in my life in this town called Gion. It is a place that always reminds me of my beginnings.
I can’t post info on the maiko place, but the link to the beautiful Ryokan where we stayed is below. I couldn’t find their website in English, so here is a link to a blog that someone wrote about it in detail. Please check it out!
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Thank you for the best hospitality! Ryokan Genhouin

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