Nodame Cantabile MV Suddenly I See

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Nodame Cantabile MV Suddenly I See
Nodame Cantabile MV Suddenly I See
One of my many unfinished projects that I finally got done. I have to say this is one of those videos where you think of the idea in your head and and its perfect but when you actually edit it, its harder than you thought it would be lol XD This project has been in my comp for the last 4 months..I lost inspiration when I was editing and just forgot about it. XD I love this drama and movie, I just can’t believe I didn’t done an mv on them both.. I rewatched the movie with my sis and that when I got the inpiration to finish. Anyways I hope enjoy, Thank you for all the support that Ive been receiving lately ! 😀

Drama/Movie:N0dame C@ntabile-Live action
Song:Suddenly I see/KT Tunstall
Program:Sony Vegas Pro 9


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