OSHIN 阿信 – Main Trailer – Opens 17 Oct in SG

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OSHIN 阿信 - Main Trailer - Opens 17 Oct in SG
OSHIN 阿信 – Main Trailer – Opens 17 Oct in SG
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NHK’s legendary hit serial drama Oshin, written by Sugako Hashida, centered around the life of an indomitable woman from a poor farming village roughly 100 years ago. With an average of 52.6% ratings and peaking at an incredible 62.9%, it is clear that millions of Japanese viewers were moved by her struggles and life. It’s phenomenal success spread across the world as it was broadcast in 68 countries.

30 years after it was first broadcast, the famed story of Oshin returns to the silver screen with a new cast. Produced by Sedic International, known for its Academy Award-winning film /”Okuribito/” (/”Departures).

Fans of the original series will be delighted to see some familiar faces make a reappearance. There will be roles for Ayako Kobayashi, who played the young Oshin, and Pinko Izumi, who played her mother.

The story is set in the Meiji period and revolves around the young daughter of a poor family in Yamagata Prefecture who’s sent away to work for a wealthy family to earn a living. The overarching theme of perseverance through hardships became a trademark of the Oshin character, which made the original series incredibly popular throughout Asia and throughout the world, reaching viewership numbers that have yet to be matched. The original drama spanned most of Oshin’s life, but the movie will focus on her childhood.

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