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Todome No Kiss Takauji & Saiko
Todome No Kiss Takauji & Saiko
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So…Saiko and Takauji, eh? Not your typical duo, even if I do say so myself.

So, before any of you come for my ass, telling me I shouldn’t have vidded them, hear me out. I, myself, really really didn’t like Takauji at first. I thought he was an asshole that only thought about himself. The fact that he and Mikoto have this ‘insectuous’ relationship only made me despise him more. (also the fact that he tried to kill multiple people didn’t help much lmao)

Thinking back on it I still don’t like him, but I don’t despise him anymore. I’ve had time to think. About him and his relationship with Saiko. Clearly he was a boy that was lied to and manipulated all throughout his childhood. He was cast aside as soon as Mikoto was born and didn’t get to experience the love a child should. I feel like that’s also the reason he’s lacking in empathy so much. He doesn’t understand other people’s emotions and doesn’t care much about anyone other than himself, Mikoto and maybe Hotei, because they’re the only ones that actually showed him compassion and love in his life.

Now, his relationshi with Saiko. First things first, Saiko is one of my favorite characters of this drama, she was kind and compassionate and brought out the best in people, just look at the effect she had on Otaro. I feel like, had Takauji been the one to discover her powers, they would’ve gone down a similair path. At first he would’ve used her for his own gain, but then he would’ve gotten to know her and realized she was a good person that actually cared about him and doesn’t deserve to be used. And don’t tell me she wouldn’t care, because even in the short time they did know each other she clearly cared for him, even after everything he did to her. Maybe it’s because it’s so short, but I feel like the directors really missed the golden opportunity of fleshing out their relationship more, we would’ve been also to see more of Takauiji’s ‘humane’ side.

Because it’s clearly there. When Saiko takes the knife he’s clearly more than upset, he’s devestated. He makes himself small and stares at what he’s done in disbelief, he even cries. The only other time we saw him cry was when Mitoko ‘betrayed’ him, his most precious person. And still Saiko hugs him, ensures him that she forgives him, because that’s what she does. She cares about people and puts them before herself. This is was eventually convinced me to vid them.

To answer a question some of you might have: do I ship them? Not necessarily, no. For that their relationship wasn’t fleshed out enough.
Do I think the directors missed the golden opportunity of fleshing out their relationship more? Yes, absolutely. This could’ve easily been one of the most interesting relationships in any drama.

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