Too Good To Say Goodbye Saiai (Dearest) MV

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Too Good To Say Goodbye Saiai (Dearest) MV
Too Good To Say Goodbye Saiai (Dearest) MV
Saiai or Dearest in english is one of my favorite japanese dramas. Aside from the plot it was Yuriko Yoshitaka and Kouhei Matsushita facial expressions, the way they played their charater that got me really hooked in this one.

The story follows Sanada Rio (Yuriko Yoshitaka), a businesswoman who suddenly became an important reference for a murder case; a detective who is Rio’s first love (Kouhei Matsushita) and is trying to pursue the truth of the case; and a lawyer (Iura Arat) who wants to protect Rio by all means. (MyDramalist)

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Drama Title: Saiai (Dearest)
Song: Too Good To Say Goodbye
Artist: Bruno Mars

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